Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Snuggle Up in a Bed from Rustica

Introducing a new feature to all beds at Rustica - the snuggle script! When the bed is not in use, it looks nice and neat with beautiful sculpted prim detail work. When you get in bed, the covers come up and up to two people can have a nice snooze.

The bed shown is the newest style available in Rustica from the Ironoak Collection - with lamps of fire that can be turned off and on. If it isn't your style, make sure to check out the other options, all with the snuggle feature!

Rustica has also added a Unlucky Chair during the month of October - but you may get lucky enough to win something anyway. Stop by for treats and terrors - but watch out for ghosts!

Rustica can be found here.

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