Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HUGE news for Rustica and Mr. Graf...

Hello folks! I know many of you havent heard from me in a bit, or seen new releases lately, so I wanted to send this letter to let everyone know just exactly whats been going on over here on the sims.

FIRST THE BIG NEWS: RL has been taking a toll on my SL, which is why its been quiet over here. The good side of that is after 2 amazing years of building Rustica together, Lyyric Fei and I are going to shack up in RL! I am moving 3500 miles to share a house with her. As you can imagine, packing up and moving that far takes a bit of doing, which is why i have put building things on hold for a bit so I can focus. I am still here in SL as much, just more tired now. lol. The house hunt continues!

MORE BIG NEWS: As of this morning, we are now the proud owners of Arcana Nuevo, the sim located next to LagNmoor and Rustica. Arcana Nuevo has been an iconic part of the SL landscape since 2004, and though you may not know the name of it, you have most likely been to it at some point if you are a castle lover. The amazing woman who designed and built it had taken it down to build something new about a month ago. Sadly, she has had to leave SL for a while and wanted us to take over the sim. We gladly accepted.

YET MORE BIG NEWS: The new sim is called RUNE, and will be developed between now and the end of summer. It will contain (you may want to sit down) a 4x4 off road racing track with a variety of vehicles to hop on and get dirty with. Think big jumps, lava, mud, spikes, sharks, alligators. We did a test run in about 2 days that was so much fun we decided to do a permanent version with the same landscaping and look as the other two sims - trees, rocks, waterfalls, sculpted ruins, walls. There will be seating and viewing areas, possibly a gun emplacement or two so you can fire at the people racing. Interesting rally and team events will definately be part of the picture. I've always been attracted to the places in SL that have things to do that don't suck. Vehicles, even the best ones, usually dont have much to drive on unless you want to go in circles. The few days we had the test build running were amazing fun, and the response was the same with everyone who tried it: Wow! thats crazy and fun....lets go again.

YET AGAIN, BIG NEWS: Above the track, high up in the air we will also be making (you should still be sitting down) a location for our new lines of CLOTHING and ACCESSORIES! Yes friends, after all this time and many requests, I will be using my sculpty/texture madness to make things to wear. There will be several other designers producing with me for this new venture.

EVEN BIGGER NEWS: I get asked about 30 times a week about a few particular items that have been taking forever to do. (You know who you are, and you know what they are.) After I get settled in my new home this month, I will be making a great effort to get all the unfinished bits on my sims completed. The bar and all its bits, the metro collection items, the water hookah, the wishing well, the 4th house.....ALL OF THEM WILL BE COMPLETED AND RELEASED. Even if I cant find a scripter who can actually manage to complete the damn bar, im going to release it. Either that or im going to set fire to it in the castle yard. Im not going to ramble about the 5 scripters who never completed the project. Shame on them.

I have designs for several new houses, including a larger and more livable crooked house, and will be making them after the other items are completed.

Well, that being said, I want to thank all of you for making my RL and SL possible with your patronage and your kindness over this last year. Its been more work than I thought I could survive, but YOU have made it possible. I will make more!

Onward and Upward!

Maxwell and Lyyric


Qwis said...

Wow! Congrats to you both!!! This is all wonderful news, and I look forward to exploring it all as you have the time to make it available.

Whispers said...

Wow! You have been busy. lol Congrats! :)) and look forward to the new stuff when you get all settled.

Paislee said...

Congratulations on your love migration! Wishing you both much happiness. :-) BUT...I shall dwindle away to a mere shadow of my happy shopping self if you "burn the bar"....:( Already I feel myself weakening at the mere suggestion! I'm looking forward to your new endeavors!

Miles said...

Hey hey hey. Many congrats to you both. Long live LagNmoor, eh? Wishing you all the best Maxwell and Lyyr.

Anonymous said...

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