Thursday, December 27, 2007

Technicolor Drapes!

After you have acquired all the furniture and art you need for your place of residence (meadow, castle, hotel, skybox, or cemetary), you may discover you still need some adornment for the walls.

A trip to Rustica Home Furnishings to look at the Technicolor Drapes might have you exclaiming, "WTFOMG these drapes really work!" because, well, they do.

Available in multiple size and style options, each set of drapes comes with color changing options similar to the rest of the Technicolor Collection. These color options are not merely solid colors, but beautifully handcrafted with textures designed specifically for these pieces. And while they will work nicely with other pieces from the Technicolor Collection, these luscious textures and colors will integrate nicely with any furniture and home designs.

There are three settings to the Technicolor Drapes, all made by the tassel pulls - solid curtains, sheer curtains, or completely open. This allows you the ultimate flexibility in your home or establishment, including offering an easy way to provide access to doors or windows that you might not always wish to display.

And yes, they really work. Come to Rustica to test out multiple models on our sales floor.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Greeting Card

Happy Holidays from Rustica Home Furnishings! There are exciting things coming in the new year. The new sims.. more collections.. incredible artwork and fun!!

A huge thanks to all of our friends, old and new! Maxwell Graf and Lyyric Fei want to let you all know we love you and are honored to call you friends! Thank you for your support and help and smiles and thank you for loving Maxwell's furniture.. YOU are making this Dream Come True!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gryphon Lair Armor

Maxwell Graf and Rustica would like to introduce Punchinello Philbin as the armor designer in SL to be reckoned with. He has captured such realism with his Sculpted 3D Armor and to quote Maxwell "You will NOT find armor like this anywhere in SL." Punchinello Philbin has set up a vendor at Rustica Home Furnishings with his first of many armor lines.

Gryphon Lair is the "Viking Heavy Calvary Armor" set featured in these photos. The full set armor package includes the Full Set Armor Components, Alternate Jacket and Pants, Alternate Chain Mail Belts, Red and Black Beards and a Body Shape. Also available are armor pieces you may purchase individually: Sculpted Boot and Greaves, Belt and Skirt with Leaf Mail and Pouches, Leather Vambraces, Leather and Metal Pauldrons, Sculpted Torso Armor, Calvary Helmet, Horned Calvary Helmet.

The Armor is exquisitely crafted with metal, leather, sculpted rivets, jewels and finished textures that are real and period correct. Come to Rustica... see Gryphon amazed at the best armor InWorld.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Shades of Black Gothic Canopy Bed

New at Rustica, the Shades of Black Gothic Canopy Bed is an elaborately sculpted beauty that would be an asset to any home or castle. This bed is a genius of design and creativity. Maxwell spent over 60 hours in the design studio making the Shades Of Black Gothic Bed. The frame features metal sculpted bats. The curtains draw close around you to envelope you in a world of warm whispered pillow talkin yumminess!! The bed is available for purchase now and many more pieces of the Shades Of Black Collection will be forthcoming!

I know you want to come over to Rustica and lay your head on this pillow... Rustica Home Furnishings The features of this bed will send you to dream land! The Drapes open and close.. The bed is scripted with fabulous snuggle poses. the blankets cover you and you have an incredible array of scripted color-change options in many designer colors.

Rustica Home Furnishings.