Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gryphon Lair Armor

Maxwell Graf and Rustica would like to introduce Punchinello Philbin as the armor designer in SL to be reckoned with. He has captured such realism with his Sculpted 3D Armor and to quote Maxwell "You will NOT find armor like this anywhere in SL." Punchinello Philbin has set up a vendor at Rustica Home Furnishings with his first of many armor lines.

Gryphon Lair is the "Viking Heavy Calvary Armor" set featured in these photos. The full set armor package includes the Full Set Armor Components, Alternate Jacket and Pants, Alternate Chain Mail Belts, Red and Black Beards and a Body Shape. Also available are armor pieces you may purchase individually: Sculpted Boot and Greaves, Belt and Skirt with Leaf Mail and Pouches, Leather Vambraces, Leather and Metal Pauldrons, Sculpted Torso Armor, Calvary Helmet, Horned Calvary Helmet.

The Armor is exquisitely crafted with metal, leather, sculpted rivets, jewels and finished textures that are real and period correct. Come to Rustica... see Gryphon amazed at the best armor InWorld.

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