Thursday, October 16, 2008

The LagNmoor Village Crooked House... Halloween Special!

In celebration of All Hallow's Eve, we are very happy to release the second cottage in a collection of medieval prefabricated homes called "The Village of LagNmoor." The homes are done using the same process and style as Rustica castle (read: a plethora of sculpted bits), but in a more convenient take-home size!

I present The Crooked House! As the name implies, there is not a right angle in the building. Every aspect of this vernacular building style is built to represent the look of years of decay and repair, from the leaning tower to the tilted walls and floors. Built in details throughout the interior and functionality to help create your dark lifestyle.


In addition to the level of texture and shape detail you have come to expect from Rustica, we have a built a number of scripted features into the building as well. Heres a list of some of the features:

• 157 PRIMS!
• Sculpted exterior stone and roof, door surrounds and windows.
• Sculpted stone fireplace (with smoke out the chimney) and leaning stone tower with 6 levels, stairs and ladders
• Complete finished interior, allowing you to have full use of the upper space (instead of teleporters for R.P.)
• Opening windows and doors
• Period-correct, lockable, retractable, sliding, metal gates on both doors (hidden when open, clanging shut with a satisfactory CLANK when activated)
• House controller: Adjust window color, transparency and texture (lit and dark) for each floor, lock and unlock metal security gates and change permissions for controller access.


Heres the deal:

• If you buy the cottage, you get 30% off up to 7KL$ worth of furniture!

( You can purchase the furnishing item individually inside the house)

Heres the details:

For anyone who has purchased a home from us we are offering a 30% discount off of any furnishings up to 7000L$. This includes the individual items inside the cottage or any furnishings from Rustica's main store. The discount will be provided after a transaction notecard is recieved with the total of your purchases. Please include the cottage transaction in the list as proof of purchase (the cottage price does not apply to the 7K total - more $$$ for you) and PLEASE SEND NOTECARDS TO LYYRIC FEI, our business manager, to recieve the discount.

Heres a few images of the exterior!

and some shots of the interior features (furnishings not included):

The Village of LagNmoor will contain a handful of different homes, from small cottages to Estate homes and Manor houses. Additionally, a full line of forest and landscaping products will become available as they are completed.


Thaumata said...

oh my goodness, is that ever cute! I'm always impressed by the craftsmanship at Rustica and this is no exception. very nicely done.

Looloo Beck said...

OMG its fabulous!!! Wow! Max is always impressing us!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you

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