Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 New Releases for the Village of LagNmoor

Yay! It's finally done.

We are very happy to release the newest in a collection of medieval prefabricated homes called "The Village of LagNmoor." The homes are done using the same process and style as Rustica castle (read: a plethora of sculpted bits), but in a more convenient take-home size!

"The CarriageWay House" is a response to customers who wanted a larger, more livable space for their second life home. With its predominant carriageway arch, through which family and guests can escape the weather to dismount and enter into the house from a more protected entryway, this house has been designed to also become a mixed use or multiple occupant dwelling. Combinations of shop/tavern downstairs and private residence upstairs can be achieved with no modification to the structure. Elements such as the stone fountain with hitching post, stone stable and wishing well are all available to accessorize your dwelling to your tastes.

Go to the house inside Second Life:


In addition to the level of texture and shape detail you have come to expect from Rustica, we have added a number of scripted features into the building that are unique to this structure:

• 400 Prims, 30H x 30D x 40W Footprint, 3 links sections
• Sculpted exterior: Stone walls, roof, doors and windows, archways, fireplaces, detail elements, mouldings
• 2 different sculpted stone fireplaces (with smoke, working grate and chimney)
• Complete finished interior: peaked gable interiors, exposed wooden beam ceilings, trim and archways,
• Opening, wooden casement and arched windows
• Sculpted doors with functioning knobs and sounds
• Period-correct, lockable, retractable, sliding, metal gates on windows and doors (hidden when open, clanging shut with a satisfactory CLANK when activated)
• 2 House controllers: The house controllers are located both at the bottom of the railing out front (the large stone ball) and above the main arch inside the master bedroom suite. Left click them to Adjust window color, transparency and texture (Day or Night) for each floor, lock and unlock metal security gates and change permissions for controller access.


• The bathtub and sink are included but not linked, giving you the option of placing them or using your own.
• A section of sculpted, copiable fencing is included, for connecting the stable or decorating your property lines.
• 2 different, copiable wind vines let you place randomly timed sounds of wind blowing when an avitar is within 10m of them.
• A window seating set containing cushions, pillows, a throw rug, candle, book and vase of flowers, for placing in the 2nd floor window.
• 2 seating cushion sets for the corners of the master bedroom, with separate oil pot lamps
• 2 fires for the fireplaces
• A sculpted, copiable broom, for dust bunny herding


• A fully Functioning, period-correct medieval kitchen is available for purchase separately to fit inside the separate room off the carriageway. In it you will find a large multi-door stove with woodbin and working fires inside, a grill with spitted meat over a fire, cabinets, baking bread, sculpted utensils, meat and vegetables.

• A Sculpted, two-stall stable/barn is available for purchase separately to coincide with the equine elements of the CarriageWay house. Working barn doors, large front bay doors, stall gates, a hayloft and sculpted hay floors all have been designed to complete the design of your estate.

• A working fountain and hitching post, for your thirsty mounts, is also available. The 5 built in poses can be used indivudually or work in conjunction for couples, and the water supply is able to turn off and on at the pump handle.

• Additional Library shelves for the upper tower room are available for purchase separately. They are extremely low prim, have working lights, some with lower cabinets and each comes with a set of sculpted books to fill the shelves which you can color to match your interior!


Heres the deal:

• If you buy the cottage, you get 30% off up to 10KL$ worth of furniture! This will apply to any items we offer excluding the sculpty packs and prefab homes.

Heres the details:

For anyone who has purchased a home from us we are offering a 30% discount off of any furnishings up to 10,000L$. This includes the individual items inside the cottage or any furnishings from Rustica's main store. The discount will be provided after a transaction notecard is recieved with the total of your purchases. Please include the cottage transaction in the list as proof of purchase (the cottage price does not apply to the 7K total - more $$$ for you) and PLEASE SEND NOTECARDS TO LYYRIC FEI, our business manager, to recieve the discount.

Heres a few images of the house!


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