Monday, March 23, 2009

NEW RELEASE: Le Jardin Rustiqué

We are very pleased to announce the latest release: The Rustic Garden Kit. This kit contains a plethora of sculpted and distinctly textured items for creating walls, formal gardens, entryways, fences and rock landscaping on your land. All of the parts are designed specifically to match the houses and sculpty pack items also sold by us, to allow for a matched layout of your own design!

It is available from the vendor at

The Rustic Garden Kit has over 30 items:

• 8 columns - for between and at the end of wall sections; both 4m and 7m sizes of flat, balltop, urn and fire urn styles

• 3 landscape rocks - The MUCH asked for rocks that I have used all over the sims; low corner, tapered and rounded. With creative use of these, you can make any landscape.
• 3 stairs - 3, 6 and 12 stair sets for using with the walls.
• Sculpted hedge maze - a good way to get lost. (theres an invisable top on it too, so you cant get out except at the ends.)

• Stone crypt - Something distasteful and dark to offset all the butterfly and particle poofers that are in your neighbors yard.
• 8 walls - 6m and 9m high wall sections of scultped stone, capped, in 4, 6, 8 and 10 meter lengths (use with columns).
• 4 corners - 90 and 180 degree curved wall sections to compliment the straight bits, in both 6 and 10m heights.

• 2 topiary hedges - square and round tri-level topiary trees.
• 3 raised beds - Raised dirt planting beds with varying columns to match the walls. These work with the hedges and topiary, or your own flora.
• 4 hedges - several distinct styles and sizes of sculpted hedges. These can be used with the planting beds or along to frame your house or yard edge.

The Village of LagNmoor will contain a handful of different homes, from small cottages to Estate homes and Manor houses. Additionally, a full line of forest and landscaping products will become available as they are completed.

Thank you, and safe paths!
-Sincerely, Lyyric Fei and Maxwell Graf


Whispers said...

This looks awesome! All that working too much pays off! :P

Maxwell Graf said...

Thank you kindly!

Lyyric Fei said...

I am completly and totally in awe of this entire set! The work! The artistry! The incredible vision you create!We are so so blessed to have you share all you see and do with us! The beauty you bring to us is above and beyond all the words I can use. WOOFT!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the sharing...

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