Monday, July 20, 2009


The Rustica Pine Forest Collection of Trees and Underbrush by Maxwell Graf


or on both the Rustica and LagNmoor sims, from vendors located there.

Trees are always a problem with me. I'm picky as hell about them. I love the sculpted ones that i find, but they are generally too prim-heavy to use more than a limited number of them.

I wanted a forest, to blanket the land with them, but the low prim alpha texture trees out there were just not for me. As a result, i present this alternative to those who, like me, have had a desire to do more with less. These are sculpted, but very low prim.

This collection features:

• 5 different sculpted tree types (Light, Dark, Dead, Burned and Weeping) in various sizes.
• 3 sculpted tree stumps
• 2 deadfall trees
• 5 different sculpted underbrush types (leafy, fluffy grass, thin grass, ferns, stems/twigs)

The sculpted primitives and most of the textures in these items are original works, having been hand painted without the use of photographic inclusion. Please respect the effort involved in the making of these items and use them only in the manner described in this agreement. Theft is killing the content of SL, not just the businesses of those who work hard to make it.


If you have any questions or comments please contact: Lyyric Fei, our business manager.

Sincerely, Maxwell Graf, owner and designer
Rustica Home Furnishings©

copyright©2009 Rustica and Maxwell Graf, all rights reserved.

When science and technology fail, art survives. Eat the rich. :P


Paislee said...

Wow! I've just spent some time wandering Rune. Splendid trees and splendid everything - but then I would expect no less from such talent! I visited early on when only the naked hills were here - the transformation is astounding. :-) Absolutely beautiful place to roam or ride, Maxwell!

Ketter McAllister said...

These are amazing trees. Bought the pack and they've been very versatile to work with.

Any chance you'll come out with some snow-covered ones for winter sims or for the tops of snowy mountainous regions?

Anonymous said...

Stunningly beautiful! You won't find quality like this anywhere else in SL. Ride the ATV. Lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you'll come out with some snow-covered ones for winter sims or for the tops of snowy mountainous regions?

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