Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NEW RELEASE: The Well of Sorrows

Make a wish, cast in your dreams, pour out your heart to the abyss! The Well of Sorrows is equipped with 5 menu-driven poses, each carefully placed (but adjustable to suit your needs). You and 4 of your most depressed friends can gather at the old wishing well and contemplate whos going in first; Each can click after sitting and choose from the remaining poses available, or change to any available pose at any time.

PRIM COUNT: Well = 15, Vines = 14, Wind Vines = 8 x 2, Shadows = 13
PRIM USAGE TOTAL: 15 for well, 58 if all elements used



This well features:

• 2 different copies of the well: SOLID CORE - for surface mounting and HOLLOW - for use as an actual well, with a hollow section underneath to place below water level.

• a linked set of vines which are not linked to the main body of the well, so that you may remove them once rezzed to save on prim count. When you initially rez the well, the vines will be there. DO NOT DELETE THEM, take them back into your inventory so you can use them again.

• 2 different sets of shadows for using within the wells. When placed down inside the rim of the well, it will gradually darken the view to black, giving a nice spooky appearance. :o

• 5 different poses which operate for up to 5 avatars: (R-click and sit on the well. Then, L-click on the well. A menu will appear which will allow you to see the other avatars sitting, and allow you to choose from any of the remaining positions.)

• a dripping sound which will play every so often down inside the well.

• 2 different wind vines to place on the ground. They produce two different creepy wind sounds. place them near the well to complete the look.


If you have any questions or comments please contact: Lyyric Fei, our business manager.

Sincerely, Maxwell Graf, owner and designer
Rustica Home Furnishings©

When science and technology fail, art survives. Eat the rich. :P

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a dripping sound which will play every so often down inside the well

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