Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Rustica Release - The Forever House

The Forever House.

I called it that because it took me that long to finish - time spent in attaining a level of detail beyond any of my previous efforts, while reducing the total prim count from over 600 in the initial design down to the finished 280.

While simpler in look and layout than the others, the complexity of the post & beam vernacular style and design of the individual parts places this house firmly as the most difficult of my designs to complete. It is, in many ways, the summation of what I have learned in my time as a home builder.

The Forever House has been designed to fit between the existing range of LagNmoor Village homes in size and prim count, larger than the Crooked House and Seaside Cottage but not as big as the Carriageway House. I have also listened to the many requests and implemented a variety of changes for this and future houses in the LagNmoor Village collection, such as a reduction in scripts, less prims, open floorplan and a completely new rezzer system.

The Forever House contains a variety of sculpted primitives created specifically for this house. The focus on detail and craftsmanship includes:

• Post and beam/plaster construction over stone foundation, beamed ceiling
• Vented gable roof and vented front and rear dormers
• Center split, leaded glass doors and windows with diamond mullions and functional hardware (the doors all open from the right side, unless you are on the other side of them, in which case they open from the left.)
• Sculpted House Djinn to adjust window textures and transparency
• Split barn-style Dutch door with working hardware
• Front Corner Lamp (touch to turn on or off)
• Two working stone fireplaces with a functional chimney and tiled hearths. (click hearth tile to turn on or off the chimney smoke)
• Crown/Shoe moulding
• Qoined corner facades inside and out
• Crenellated machicolations on the tower, varanda and patio
• 1-off and baked texture work throughout
• Curved pocket doors in the stairwell tower at each level
• Front veranda, back patio off the master suite
• 3rd floor tower patio with conical roof for open-air use. (touch to turn on or off)

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